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So. I have just recently read an awesome book, and I want as many people as possible to read it too. I am only going to talk about it briefly, otherwise I will go on and on until the limit brakes.

The book in question is called The Demon's Lexicon, and it was written by the magnificent Sarah Rees Brennan. It is a book about magicians, demons, and the familial love between two brothers. The two brothers are on the run, along with their insane mother, from bands of murderous magicians who summon demons for power. They meet two quirky teenagers who, through an unlikely turn of events, force them to confront the magicians once and for all. All of this takes place in the real world, of course. Because sometimes it is best to the fantastic in with the milk bottles and newspaper.

The plot is handled brilliantly, with several twists and turns that leave you breathless. Yet, it is the characters that shine above everything in the book, particularly the two brothers, Nick and Alan. I would also like to note that the narrator is probably the closest character you could find to a real sociopath, and yet he is both sympathetic and loveable (if you like them tall, dark, and murderous).

The book is sweet, funny, and heart-breaking. I would recommend it to anyone, and that is all I have left to say about it.

If you would like more info:
-The authors website FAQ
-Her livejournal (lots of lovely goodies can be found here, especially if you like Harry Potter and book reviews)

I would also like to link to a special short story about one of the minor characters, Gerald, that the author wrote to promote the book here~ (also watch for part 2~!)

I would be thrilled if anyone looked up the book, or at least read the short story. The author deserves as much attention as she can get.

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